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Are you an unemployed or underemployed graduate?

Are you a smart, young educatedtalented college graduate ready to take your place in your country's economy but cannot find a job?

Perhaps you need a coach with the skills and experience to help you through the
job-seeking process.

Grad Life Choices is here to help. We are a free service provided by volunteer professional coaches to grads who can't afford paid coaching. And there really are no strings attached.

Our coaches and mentors can help you to assess your strengths, plan your job-seeking strategy, finetune your résumé, work through financial and life issues, network productively, get a foot in the door of your chosen field, and begin to work toward your ultimate goals.

Though we can't change economic reality, we can, at the very least, help you face the future with a plan and a sense of hope.

Here’s how to get started…

Grads—Join our new LinkedIn group, Millennials in Transition, where you can discuss job search and career issues, network, and get feedback from other grads.

Want to help?
Volunteer to coach!

Are you a professional life or career coach with a desire to help this generation of young people? You can make a life-changing difference for a grad.

Grad Life Choices is a program that matches unemployed or underemployed graduates with experienced life and career coaches who are willing to take on one young person each on a pro-bono basis.

Young graduates need your help with career exploration and decision-making, networking, résumé preparation, interviewing, and job search strategies. They also need your support and encouragement throughout this difficult process. Here’s how to get started…

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Learn more about our new book: Millennials in Wonderland: Coaching Grads at the Crossroads of Life and Career

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Want to help?
Volunteer to mentor!

Are you a current mentor or retired professional? Share your knowledge and experience with a young graduate who wants to get started in the workplace.

Mentors can provide young people with the following: consultation on training and credentialing; career shadowing experience; networking; helping them get a foot in the door.

Why is this so important? For grads who don’t have connections or access to networks through their families, the playing field is not level. You can give young people an equal opportunity to compete for jobs for which they’re qualified.

By giving them a realistic view of what your field is like, you can help them decide whether they’re suited for it. And by helping the younger generation, you will be preparing them (and our country) to confront the challenges of a global economy.

Here’s how to get started…

The Ripple Effect in Action
We were thrilled to be featured in an inspiring new video about Grad Life Choices and how it captures the spirit of giving back and paying forward.
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